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killing their nato partners. from now on, most u.s. and afghan troops are being kept apart. it's not a good sign for the direction of the war which is supposed to wind down in 2014. >> we say in military science the most perilous of all military operations is a withdraw under pressure. >> reporter: in a statement this morning, coalition commanders are committed to a long-term partnership with the forces. this suspension is temporary. u.s. and afghan troops conduct operations in small numbers. those operations now require commander approval on a case-by-case basis. richard engel, nbc news, southern afghanistan. >>> we may find out today when the two men accused of brutally beating giants fan bryan stow will go on trial. they will be in a los angeles courtroom today for pre-trial proceedings. in june, a judge ruled there is enough evidence to try both on assault an and mayhem charges. they are accused of attacking stow outside of the stadium. bryan stow is slowly recovering from the severe head trauma. he remains wheelchair bound and has to relearn almost everything. the family s
>>> u.s. embassys the target of rage. we have a protests in a growing number of countries. >>> no sprinklers here on the school fire on the peninsula, which turns out was leg. i'll have that story coming up. >>> if you think about buying a big-ticket item, you could save a lot of money if you get it today. >>> getting a look at the traffic at 880 through fremont on this friday. you are watching nbc bay area news. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. it is another day of unrest and angry eruptions across the muslim world. protesters are managing to get into two more u.s. em aboutbass today. anti-american dmemonstrators stormed the facilities. we have danielle with the latest on the out of control actions. >> we see growing unrest in the middle east. here in the u.s., the remains of the u.s. ambassador and three other americans killed in the attacks on tuesday have arrived at the air force base in maryland. the president, vice president and secretary of state are there for a ceremony. shouting slogans as riot police t
-budget anti-muslim film produced in the u.s. hezbollah leader made a rear public appearance in beirut this morning denouncing the film. he called the protest in beirut saying the u.s. must be held accountable for that film. in kabul, the series of anti-american protests are breaking out. hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police and set fire to two cars. they set fire to a compound. in pakistan, two people were killed during anti-american protests there yesterday. demonstrators throughout the middle east and northern africa are angry over the film which was produced in the u.s. and uploaded on youtube. there was unrest after a rumor it would be played on u.s. television. >>> the rise in the anti-american violence has prompted the u.s. government to pull citizens out of the areas. last tuesday, u.s. ambassador and bay area native, chris stevens was killed with three others during the attack on the embassy in libya. arrests have been made linked to the attacks. >>> the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le is in court today. the hearing is set to begin one year to the
causing tension at a u.s. embassy after a string of anti-american violence in the middle east. and this morning, u.s. leaders are responding. we'll have a live report from washington. >>> right now, a live look outside at fremont. that reminds us that ms. christina loren will be along for our late-morning a.m. ride to take a look at the weather forecast coming up. you're watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. and it was a solemn morning and still is in the north bay as officers from all around the country gather to pay tribute to one of their own. >> the memorial service is being held at this hour for chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died after being shot by a man during a traffic stop last week near alamo. christie smith is live in vacaville outside the mission church where hundreds of people are paying their respects. quite the crowd. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. really a somber day here in vacaville. lots of tears and hugs. i want to step aside so you can see what's going on behind m
young children, age 2s and 3, are on board. he abducted them tuesday from their mother's home in stran and he took them out to sea on a 40-foot sailboat he stole from a harbor in alameda. the coast guard was able to locate them this morning after a tip came in around 4:00 this morning from a commercial fisherman who had heard the all points bulletin for the children on the coast guard emergency channel. he spotted that boat. the boat's called "unleashed." about 50 miles off pilar point where maverick's is located. he approached the vessel and made contact with the father. >> the short conversation and then he left the vessel and contacted the coast guard. we were able to get a photograph, the same photograph that we sent to you, out to the commercial vessel, and he did confirm that the person he saw on the boat was christopher maffei and he did see a small child on the vessel. >> reporter: the child seemed to be fine, nobody in distress. maffei had looked for boats for sale prior to tuesday's abduction and prior to allegedly steeling "unleashed" from that yacht harbor earlier this week
the developing story in libya after protesters killed four u.s. diploma diplomats, including the u.s. ambassador. >>> also, the man acquitted of beating an elderly priest. why he is pursuing perjury charges. >>> and it is official. the new iphone is unveiled. we are live at the keynote this morning. coming up on nbc bay area news. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. we begin with the violent protest in libya killing four americans, including bay area native and u.s. ambassador john christopher stevens. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton are calling it an act of senseless violence. >> video from last night shows the scene with the compound and several vehicles in flames. stevens was leaving the consulate as it was stormed by protesters as they were upset over the video of prophet muhammad. stevens was named ambassador to libya this year. both president obama and hillary clinton praised his efforts to help the new libyan government. >> at the height of the libyan revolution, chris led our diplomatic post in benghazi with skill, coura
more. >> reporter: it was caught on camera. the u.s. coast guard pilot and crew came here to the station here. lieutenant chris courtney said it was a matter of life and death for the father and son on the cessna plane. it was important to have a distress beacon on board. 30 miles south of big sur was a close call for the father and son on the annual trip when the cessna engine stalled and they were forced to crash land into the ocean. >> a quick stop recovery of the 77-year-old man. pulled him up in the aircraft. went down and got his son. pulled him up as well. as we pulled him up, the aircraft rolled over to the left and sank shortly. >> reporter: it was the third rescue mission on sunday for the crew of three. timing was critical as they saw the empty fuel tank. >> we had three minutes. >> reporter: the victims did something to save their lives. they equipped the plane with a beacon to give the precise location. >> it let's rescue authorities know who owns that beacon and aircraft. a number to call and confirm there is actually an aircraft or vessel in distress. >> rep
in a middle of a tough re-election fight. president obama aimed his u.n. speech at u.s. voters to reassure them he is handling the twin middle east crises. >> the attacks of the last two weeks are not simply an assault on america. >> reporter: chrrisis one is th attacks in libya. then the made in america anti-islam video. >> there are no words that excuse the killing. >> reporter: but he urged understanding. >> if we are serious about these ideals, we must speak about the crisis. >> reporter: crisis two is iran. still working on nuclear capability. the iran president ahmadinejad called for elimination of israel. >> make no mistake. nuclear alarm to iran is not a challenge to be contained. >> reporter: and netanyahu is pushing president obama to force. he didn't. >> we believe there is still time and space to do so. but that time is now unlimited. >> reporter: standing up for israel, but standing up to netanyahu. instead of staying here in new york to meet one-on-one with the u.n. general assembly session, president obama heads back to washington this afternoon to make crystal clear to vote
had a lot of low clouds. that was an issue. look at temperatures. the numbers are now in the mid-70s in fairfield down to gilroy and you can see we have light winds or lighter winds in fairfield as the sea breeze is backing off. if you head out to the giants game, we have nice conditions. a bit on the cool side. 60 degrees. the magic number is three. depending what the dodger does against the reds and we do against the padres. satellite view shows you the high clouds from the west. the upper low will track in from the north through the weekend. that will bring some cooler on sunday. you can see the clouds there lifting on the east side of the low, but our temperatures today are going to warm up. in fact, tomorrow will be a little warmer. just some high clouds passing by as we kick off the weekend. 76 degrees. low to mid-80s. south around morgan hill and the tri-valley. in the north bay, 70s and 80s in the forecast. 66 in san francisco. the three-day forecast, first day of fall is tomorrow. i do think it will be the warmest day as you can see upper 80s inland. trending a bit cooler su
shutdown in dodge directions because power lines are down on the road. mike s that marsh road? >> the. 101 at marsh road. there you go on the right-hand side, this jam formed over the last five minutes. this is at university. this is about two and a half miles south of the incident. northbound side completely closed because of power lines that are record across highway 1 blocking both directions at one point. now you see a few cars heading south and they may have gotten on the freeway south of marsh but the southbound lanes should be reopening soon. show you what we are talking about. the full closure is an issue out of san carlos and redwood city and menlo park. palo alto northbound a big issue. that is where our camera was. your alternate, el ka me know or 280. look how clear that is right now. we get back to the live shot. i will read to you what is going on. they will not do somewhat a hard closure for the freeway because it sounds like pg&e will be pulling wires clear of the roadway. we will track this. we hear the southbound lanes are open and more traffic flowing northbound through
, police are searching for a man who they say tried to assault a jogger in palo alto. a woman in her 20s was jogging in palo alto on the path through the park on palo alto avenue near alma street. the man grabbed her from behind and tried to pull her down. the suspect is described as middle eastern or hispanic. 5'9" tall and 40 years old. he was wearing a light gray shirt and dark gray or black runni running pants. >>> campus police say a flasher exposed himself at albany village. the man said he was a maintenance worker. he asked a woman to let him into her apartment. after getting inside, he appeared to inspect the apartment and after using the restroom, he came out and exposed himself. the woman screamed and the man ran away. this is described as a white man about 50 years old and 6'ta tal. he was wearing a long shirt and khaki pants. >>> we told but this this morning. the cello has been found. the suspects were caught on tape. the suspect walked into the conservatory of music on sunday and casually walked out with the cello. the cello belonged to adam young. left it in the unlocked l
in s.f., chances are, you will get hurt regardless of what you do. this is based on reporting done by the examiner which used statistics from sfpd. there were 100 mugles over a three-week period in late august, early september. out of those victims, a third fought back. and when they did, the majority, almost all of them were beaten up. talking about cuts and bruises. hardly any situation where is anyone had a life-threatening situation. and only a few people were actually able to get back their stolen items. when you look at the group of people who cooperated, there was still a good chance of getting beaten up. many of those, about half, were attacked even though they did not resist. the best advice from sfpd, don't resist. you want to cooperate with the muggers. that gives you a better chance of escaping unharmed. here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >>> in the east bay, an 11-year-old boy shot last week while sleeping in his own bed is back home this morning. luis hernandez spent six days recovering after being shot last thursday in oakland. doctors decided not
are going to be on the warm side. upper 80s today. inland in the upper 70s bay side. mid-60s at the coast. heat wave around the corner. back to you. >>> you may have heard of the pop-up restaurants. you might want to call this a pop down. >> a restaurant and award winning chef is all the rage, but it requires some work to get to. it is in a mine shaft. guests have to get 250 feet below ground. the meal costs $250. >> enter at your own risk. thanks for being with us.
before we warm up tomorrow. mostly 60s across the board. 59 in santa rosa. gilroy up to 65 degrees. sea breeze reaching fairfield, southwest at 17. but as that backs off, we're going to get more 80s in the forecast come tomorrow. heading out to the giants game, this is just a few minutes away now. 12:45 start time. magic number, number five. let's see if it drops over the next two days. satellite/radar view shows this upper level low sitting offshore. let's take a look as we head towards friday morning, we'll see the low clouds before sunrise. but as the sun comes up and drier air mixing down into those low clouds, should see clearing around the time "endeavour" makes its trip around the bay area tomorrow morning. around the bay today, temperatures in the low 70s in san jose. 80 in morgan hill. warmest places in the tri-valley, in the 80s. towards napa and santa rosa, 63 in san francisco. the forecast is going to warm up. friday, the last full day of summer. fall officially starts on saturday. it's going to feel like it this weekend with more clouds, breezy and cooler come sunday into m
will feature speakers from the federalei9s and state agencies. >>> welcome to the first full week of fall. christina loren says it will feel more like summer today. >> it is. today is the coolest day of the week. if that is any indication of where we're headed. it will be a hot first week of fall. maybe an indian summer. a live look at a picture here on the golden gate bridge. hazy. it will clear in the next 15 to 20 minutes. no fog to report. look at the people enjoying 62 degrees already in san francisco. you are on the way to 70. 62 in san jose. 68 degrees in livermore. the big story in the weather department is the heat that is on the way toward the end of the week. next week we may talk about rain. things are changing. >> keeping you busy. >> job security. >>> thanks. get ready for carmageddon part two. a key ten--mile stretch of the 405 freeway will be closed this weekend. this is video from last year's phase one. most people stayed off the roads. they are hoping advanced notice and perks for riding public transit will keep people off the roads the second time around. >> sounds like
of problems. we will look through it coming up. >>> temperatures are not bad. temperatures are in the 60s. triple digit heat on the way and rain showers on the same seven-day forecast. we will time it out for you coming up. >>> and giving you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks nice and empty there. a good time to make your way to san francisco. it is 11:11 now. stay with us. >>> it was a wild scene as an estimated 50,000 protesters marched through the streets of athens angry over the austerity measures. this is video from this morning of protesters throwing molotov cocktails at police. you see the demonstrations closed schools and canceled flights. the country's prime minister and finance ministers are hammering out a $15 billion package of spending cuts. greece's next bailout payment is hinging on the government's agreement of further spending cuts. >>> tesla's shares are hanging on a day after the stock fell. scott mcgrew, there are a lot of challenges ahead for the east bay carmaker. >> tesla filed this with the sec. it is a list of problems that may be ahead. do unders
. fresh from london. a couple of the men, u.s. gymnastics members of the team. we'll tell you what brings them here to san jose. that story coming up. >>> apple sets the date and 40 years of pong. we'll look at it in business news. >>> a live look over san rafael. another beautiful day out. >>> here is another live look at the situation that continues to unfold on 680 in the alamo area. it is continually shut down this morning, 680 been shut down for about three hours now after a chp officer-involved shooting that sent a chp officer and a suspect to the hospital, both listed in serious condition. we do have a crew on the scene and will continue to keep you updated throughout this newscast. >>> a new study out of stanford this morning may have you thinking twice about buy bying that organic apple. university doctors took a look at recent studies and found organic fruits and vegetables may not offer real benefits. they say while organic foods have lower exposure to pesticides, conventionally grown produce is within safety limits. in addition, they say organic foods aren't any more nutritiou
it means for that community. >>> plus, making tracks down south. b.a.r.t.'s south bay extension is moving forward today. we are live at the groundbreaking. >>> and look at the clear beautiful skies. the temperatures, christina loren, tells us continue to go up and up. we'll have details coming up. you are watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. people don't usually celebrate the opening of a new pedestrian bridge. this is different. this stretches over where a toddler was killed. we have the latest with what is an emotional ribbon cutting. dami damian, you see this coming full circle. >> reporter: people ask why this wasn't built before the tragedy in 2005. dozens of people cut across the railroad tracks to go home or to the strip malls. here is what brought it out today. back in 2005, alexander agulair was crossing his baby sitter across the tracks and he was hit and killed. today, a pedestrian bridge will open across monterrey road near blossom hill road. in memory of the boy, the bridge will be known as xander's crossi
that at a campaign event today. >> my guess is we'll get a great rendition of how good things were in the 1990s but we're not going to hear much abhow things have been the last four years. >> reporter: like republicans last week, democrats are now scrambling to regroup because of the weather. >> tracie potts, thank you very much. >>> right now back to our continuing coverage of that chp officer that was shot after a traffic stop on tuesday. we're being told 38-year-old christopher boone lacy, he is the suspect right now, he has one prior arrest, but for more information on that, let's take it to jimmy lee, the public information officer with contra costa county sheriff's office. he's holding a news conference. we'll listen in. >> the cause of death is listed as gunshot wound to the head. now i wanted to clarify the events that led up to yesterday's traffic stop on 680. it may seem somewhat confusing with two officers involved, but we'll try to make it as clear as possible. at about 8:20 a.m., chp officer kenyon young strom and another chp officer, his beat partner, responded to a report of a tr
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